Done-For-You Revenue Recovery & Retention Service

Failed payment recovery rate to over 80%

We use real people; zero automated emails

We email and text on your behalf

We'll get your business the money it's owed!

We'll get your business the money it's owed!

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This is not a sales call! Yes, you will talk to a Gravy team member, but we're not pushy. We shoot straight, show you the ROI, and let you decide your future.

This is not a sales call! Yes, you will talk to a Gravy team member, but we're not pushy. We shoot straight, show you the ROI, and let you decide your future.

We’ve saved millions of dollars for 400 companies and counting

New Payment Recovered!

Gravy is the only fully done-for-you payment recovery solution


Time Consuming

Full Time Salary

Redundant Work

Easily Overextended

Untrained in
Best Practices

Human Approach

Guaranteed ROI

Brand Protection

Operate In Your Systems

Recovery Team Added To Your Team

Automated Bots

Impersonal & Templated

Low Recovery Rates

Hurts Your Brand

Bad User Experience

Just Doesn’t Work

Why recover the payments yourself when our services cost less than a part-time employee?

Save time and manpower

Our team of dedicated individuals will happily take on your payment recovery, saving you the time and hassle.

Get profits
you earned

We guarantee we pay
for ourselves, plus more, with returned profits. Together, we’ll fight for what you earned.

Propel your business into the future

Continue to grow knowing payments aren’t falling through the cracks and profits are being maximized.

What happens after requesting your free consultation?

Talk to a Gravy team member

Get your custom quote

Sign your contract

Meet your team

Get the money you’re owed back

Make more money

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Get your payments back on track

With our proven process that we use for over 400 other businesses, we will get your payments back on track.

Conversion Management

We're going to use custom text and emails to communicate to your customers over a 30-day period. You’ll get the lost revenue and the won-back customers.

Access Management

We do all the removal and restoration of access to your product or service. You get to rest knowing your customers are getting what they need.

Billing Management

Customers have endless billing questions. We have endless billing answers. All 100% answered on your behalf!

Incentive Management

We are your upsell, cross-sell and down-sell team, all done without bots. Your customers want to talk to people who care, so we give ‘em really caring people to help.

Cancellation Management

You have a full plate. We take the headaches and the frustrations off of it. In its place, you get peace of mind without a piece of their mind.

See our most recent results

$27,833 Avg. Returned Payments Per Month

80% Avg. Returned Revenue Per Month

$1,447,331 Total
Recovered Revenue

$8,290 Avg. Returned Payments Per Month

$74,609 Lifetime Recovered Revenue

87% Lifetime
Recovery Rate

$117,906 Avg. Returned Payments Per Month

41% Avg. Returned Revenue Per Month

$589,533 Total
Recovered Revenue

Frequently asked questions

Our pricing is based on your average failed transaction volume. Our pricing includes all 5 of Gravy's workflows for a flat fee. We fully guarantee our work above and beyond your fees including your current recovery rate. In addition to that, there is no "success tax". There are no hidden fees or extra charges as our success increases.
We need 3 hours from you for calls, access, permissions, and pre-launch. After that, our team will be up and running inside your world in roughly 2-3 weeks. Based on our current clients, some feel the love in the first month. Most see the start to recovery during months 2-3.
We serve anyone with recurring subscriptions or membership. Most of our clients are E-learning, Subscription Boxes, Professional Services, Software as a Service—we even serve a lot of car washes. If you have recurring revenue, we’re a perfect fit.

Recover your failed payments. Recover your sanity.

The only 100% done-for-you revenue recovery service that recovers your failed payments and your peace of mind.

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Get your recovery rate of failed payments to over 80%

Copyright © 2022. Gravy Solutions. All rights reserved.